Skip Units were approached to see if they could design and manufacture a pressurised container that could be used to filter landfill gases through a filter material which was loaded into the container. This filter material would ‘scrub’ the gases so that the clean gases could be used as a fuel to run a combustion engine.

The challenges facing us was to design and manufacture a CHEM standard HL20 vehicle compatible hooklift container with gas inlet and outlet connections (isolation valves), sealed tipping tailgate and sealed loading apertures in the top of the container – all of which collectively must be capable of being gas tight (pressurised) to 500mb. The gases needed to be distributed evenly across the internal length and width of the container. In addition a filter material loading system (hopper) needed to be designed to load the container.

Our solution

The end result was Skip Units successfully provided 3 gas tight hooklift containers and a hopper loading system that was moved from container to container by mobile crane. The containers were independently pressure tested to 500mb and this pressure was held for a minimum of 30 minutes. The gases were evenly distributed via an internal pipe into a series of 4 box section ‘distributors’ that had 108 x 6mm holes in each of them. The filtered gases were forced by pressure into a drilled tube in the top of the container that channelled the gases to the outlet valve.

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